Bluebird Sky Yoga was founded in order to bring yoga, art, joy, and a community space to Brookland. We are located in one of DC's most creative neighborhoods in a former craft store, and honor the creativity of the city through our murals, art from local artists, and art-focused events. 

What's behind the name?

The term "bluebird sky" refers to a perfect, sunny day in the mountains after a night of snowfall. To skiers, it’s a day to explore, push their edges, come together as a community, and rejoice. At the same time, the snow creates a calming space, where adventurers can find quiet solitude, and simply sit and observe themselves and the world around them. Just like the great outdoors, the yoga mat provides us with a space for exploration and contemplative observation alike. 

Our Mission

  • Yoga: To offer a diverse range of yoga classes with experienced yoga teachers in the Brookland community that inspire students to grow on and off the mat, build a sustainable yoga practice, connect with their community, and live more mindfully. 
  • Art: To support creativity in the district through our rotating art gallery featuring local artists, quarterly art events, and neighborhood murals. 

Our schedule is intentionally diverse, with over 15 different styles offered. Whether you are looking to study a long-rooted tradition such as Ashtanga, a flowing practice like Vinyasa, a martial-arts influenced practice such as Primal Yoga® Flow, an upbeat practice like Rocket, a restorative practice such as meditation, or something else entirely, we hope you will find classes and a community you love. 

Regardless if it's your first time practicing yoga or thousandth, we hope to see you soon. 

Love and Light,

Jennie Light (Founder/Owner) and the Bluebird Sky Yoga team

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