The principle of ahimsa (or nonviolence) frames our thinking at Bluebird Sky Yoga. To practice nonviolence and care towards others, we must first start with caring for ourselves. We recommend the DC wellness specialists below to help you feel your best. 


massage therapy

Stephen Abate, LMT, E-RYT

Prenatal, Deep tissue, Therapeutic and Swedish

About Steve: Steve began his fascination with the human body as a yoga instructor.  He has been a loved and influential teacher of yoga classes and yoga teacher trainings in the DC area for over 8 years.  As an inspiring leader in the wellness arts, Steve took his training to a new level and became a licensed massage therapist.  His background in anatomy, physiology, movement and energetics has given him the ability to assist and guide clients to heal from injury, promote relaxation, and begin valuable fitness/wellness management.

Steve’s approach to massage is to give each client individualized attention based on a thorough assessment.  His unique awareness of what is necessary for each person allows for healing and restoration to take place in the body and mind.

Along with being trained in therapeutic, deep tissue, and swedish techniques, he is also a certified prenatal and postnatal massage therapist.

Steve's massage studio is located at 457 Luray Pl NW.  Steve turned a floor of his home into a beautifully spacious and private center for clients to enjoy.


Structural bodywork (Rolfing)

lisa ternes, MS

Structural Integration and Deep fascia release

About Lisa: Lisa Ternes is a Yoga and Comprehensive Pilates teacher, a Rolfer (Structural Bodywork) of over 13 years, and a NASM certified Personal Trainer with a MS in Biomechanics and Ergonomics from NYU. Her interest began as a way to balance the deteriorating effects of a play hard attitude in athletics, and eventually became her main focus as a career. Lisa has dedicated her life to the study of the body, its mechanics, physiology, and the interplay between mind and body, both in practice and theory. She began her inquiry questioning the dualistic western portrayal of mind and body in her philosophical studies as an undergrad at NYU. Then after years of clinical experience as a structural bodyworker in NYC, she returned to grad school to gain a Biomechanical understanding of the joints and human tissues. Lisa aims to create interest in the nuances of movement, empowering her clients to find grace in any and all tasks. When gravity assists the symmetry of the body, true strength and balanced power can blossom. 

Lisa's Structural Bodywork offerings include: 

  • Focused Therapeutic work - accident, injury, pain, or other specific need
  • Atheletic Performance Efficiency - including yoga, dance, and the avid exerciser
  • Therapy for Work-Induced Postural and Movement Issues - repetitive injuries and awkward postures
  • Whole Body Balance - a 10-13 session series of Structural Integration
  • Advanced Series - post 10-series work
  • Tune-ups - a great way to maintain the work of the series or address general balance of the body



About Whitney: Whitney has been a student and teacher of yoga for the last 10 years, studying many different styles and with many teachers. In 2010, Whitney completed her Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant and Ayuverdic Yoga Specialist trainings. 

Ayurveda is a 5,000 year old system of natural healing. Ayurveda roughly translates as “science of life,” and it's wealth of knowledge touches every aspect of living. Ayurveda is also considered “the sister science of yoga.” The two systems arose together in India, and share many of the same ideas and principles. Two of the most important topics in Ayurveda are diet and lifestyle. We use diet and lifestyle habits to create balance in our body, by aligning with the rhythms of nature.

Through her Ayurveda programs and consults, Whitney helps people who are experiencing disease, burn-out, or stagnation transition through life's changes with confidence and ease.


Health Coaching

Megan sanchez


Email Megan at

About Megan: 

Megan is a certified holistic health coach. She works one-on-one with busy professionals to elevate their energy, evaluate their desires and identify what’s holding them back from having that already. By examining the foods, activities and habits that invigorate or deplete them, she helps others tap into their intuition and make empowered choices. With support and accountability, small steps can turn healthy habits into behaviors that last.

She believes that health and wellness is not just something that clicks into place when time allows. It’s a lifestyle, built on everyday commitments to nutrition, movement and personal nourishment, propelling us to our best selves and beyond.

Megan is a graduate of the Health Coach Institute and is currently pursuing a mastery level certification in transformative coaching. She is a graduate of Syracuse University with studies in product and experiential design and psychology.

Megan is passionate about leading others to step into their strongest selves through mind and body nourishment. She believes in embracing ‘what-ifs’, finding humor in the everyday and that being well means celebrating the things you love- not giving them up. If you feel like the daily grind is forcing you to choose between career, family, or your health, contact Megan for a Double Your Energy Discovery Discussion.