Supporting Small Businesses

Each of us makes decisions every day about the organizations and the individuals we support. At Bluebird Sky Yoga, we're mindful to source our retail items with integrity. Almost everything we sell comes from a small, creative businesses. Our desk was built by Brooklyn-based duo, Whaleyard; our yoga pants are from Brookland-based small business, Viva Shakti Yoga; our pins were produced by Chicago-based small business, Pinroll Press; our mugs and t-shirts were produced by New Orleans' Inkmule; and, the books we sell are all from local authors such as Heather Markowitz.

Featured Artists

Bluebird Sky Yoga is proud to showcase and sell art from local artists. Read on for more information about past and currently featured artists, and join us for our quarterly Yoga, Art, and Wine event to meet the artists. 


Alexis Polen

About Alexis: Alexis enjoys creating one-of- a-kind compositions that explore the connection between language and shapes. By deconstructing the written word into its basic geometric shapes (circles, straight lines, etc.), the original meaning behind the word begins to communicate a new idea. Re-writing a word repeatedly becomes a type of chant in which the established understanding of the word breaks down before getting reconstructed again.

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Lory Ivey Alexander

About Lory: Lory Ivey Alexander is a mixed media artist and writer. Her work tells the untold stories of the pre-colonial to present-day Virginians and Washingtonians from whom she descends. Before applying very fluid paints, Lory often sculpts her surface to create sculptural dimensionality in the work. Working in luminous, translucent poured layers of bold colors, she constructs her own little worlds of mysterious women, vibrant abstractions, and loose seascapes of her beloved Chesapeake Bay. Many of the paintings have glass-like finishes.  A native Washingtonian, Lory lives in Brookland, DC. 

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Meghan narayan, painter

Artists Statement excerpt: "Most of my artwork is a form of abstract expression, as that is how my emotions translate when they reach the canvas. Just as my life spills outside of the lines, there is a sense of unpredictability in the form, color, and texture of my paintings.  I pour my thoughts and emotions, all the lows and highs, into each piece of work. It is vulnerable, yet is provides a sense of warmth."

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Kimberley Bursic, Painter

Artist's Statement: I paint and make art to tell stories; my own personal story, a universal story, a story heard, an inspirational story.  Stories about a place in time, a specific landscape, outer space,  or an interior landscape are all folded into a painting. Essentially, I think of my images as landscapes. Abstracted and full of symbolism, I record the sights, color and sensations of being in that place. Rural and urban landscapes, mountains and oceans all feature in the paintings. Images of water: bodies of water, rain, weather, symbolizes change, release of control, being lost, or unmoored. I am fascinated by the idea of finding a point of location on such a vastand always shifting ocean. Likewise, the sky and celestial markings are curious to me. I use the symbols of longitude and latitude, constellations, timelines and temperature as markers of my internal position. 

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Katherine Akey, Photographer, Printmaker

Katherine Akey is an artist based in Washington, DC. She uses a wide variety of film formats and photographic techniques to address adventure, the human spirit and the turn of the century and its many cultural upheavals. She graduated from the International Center of Photography at Bard’s MFA program in 2014 after completing her BA in Psycholinguistics at NYU in 2011. Her work has been exhibited across the United States and was recently a participant in the Arctic Circle Residency, Autumn 2015.

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Ann Pickett, painter

Artist's Statement: "I paint because I love to paint, to express myself in bold colors. Line and form just resonate with me, it feels good and right. I am a graphic designer by day, but painting allows me to let my artistic energy loose, to be brave and bold; it is just fun and freeing. I love the rush that moves through me when I am moving the brush and things begin to happen." 

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tasha lewis, sculptor / photographer

Artist's Statement Excerpt: "In my practice, I use textiles as the hand-sewn skins of my life-sized human and animal sculptures. I work predominantly with photographic prints on fabric using the cyanotype process, which I often dye or tone, or, more recently, with found fabric from used garments or store-bought yardage. In both cases I augment the surface with both machine and hand embroidery. In search of different textures, I also began wrapping parts of my sculptures in cotton cord and colorful synthetic para cord, hand-stitching the rows together as necessary. I am drawn to these fiber materials because they are reflections of the natural world. A stitch becomes hair, veins, wrinkles, bone fissures, muscle fibers, and a patch of embroidery can become a freckle, an iris, or lips. "
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charlene nield, painter

Artist's Statement Excerpt:"I entered the art world as a painter through the back door. For years an avid collector, I was encouraged by an artist friend to pick up a brush and my world became a different place. My acrylic and oil works rely heavily on a colorful and abstract underpainting which becomes evident in the rich texture and visible at the edges of my subjects. While perhaps appearing simplistic in form, there is a complexity and colorful history below the surface. I work almost exclusively with a palette knife on board and develop a unique relationship with each painting. In the end, while most viewers focus on the subject, I see those unique places where the underpainting shows at an edge."

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Ross Ruot, painter

Ross Ruot is a self-taught artist who works primarily in acrylic paint and mixed media collage.  His work is meant to be lived with and enjoyed.  Rather than a conceptual or performance piece that cannot be replicated, Ruot's art is intended to find a home and to engage in a "conversation" with its surroundings.  Ruot frequently consults with clients on the placement of the art to understand the context and relationships created by the piece in the display space. 

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jenna north, painter

Artist's Statement Excerpt: "My work investigates natural/virtual phenomenon as seen through energy fields of pattern and chaos created through a vast array of mediums to simulate extreme weather and natural/human produced disasters. Being highly experimental, my process is often physical, much like an alchemist, choosing substance and form for their inherent conceptual associations and transformative chemical/optical properties. My painting process further coagulates the conceptual/material dichotomy by heating/burning, flooding and painting directly on water. As an interdisciplinary artist with a seemingly limitless base of mediums; painting remains central, and my identity with this complex substance spills into my sculptural installations, video and performance. This investigative approach to material and conceptual experiments is serious, sensuous and mischievous.

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natacha thys, painter

Artist's Statement: "My process of creating art is deeply intuitive and spiritual. It is rooted in metaphysical principles about the power of art to serve as a gateway to the higher self and transformation. Combing structure and chance, I work with acrylics, brushes, and palette knives to create intricate, multi-layered paintings. My work is abstract though it often alludes to landscapes, textures, and patterns. Each its own unique world of remembered experiences, spaces, and emotions. These abstractions allow a continuous dialogue between the viewer and the painting, adding meaning and vision, both conscious and subconscious."

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