Mysore Ashtanga

Interested in beginning a lifelong yoga practice? Interested in adapting your practice to your body? Interested in working one-on-one with the same teacher every day. Read on for information about Mysore Ashtanga and the program at Bluebird Sky Yoga. 


A window into the Mysore Ashtanga room at Bluebird Sky Yoga

Mysore Ashtanga in Brief

Eric Yagoda Photography

Eric Yagoda Photography

Mysore style Ashtanga is the traditional way to learn the Ashtanga Yoga system, named after Mysore, India. This style is an individualized practice for very beginners through advanced students, allowing practitioners to work one-on-one with a teacher in a group setting. Rather than moving through a sequence of postures together, each student works on a sequence given to them by their teacher, at their own pace.

There are six sequences of postures in the Ashtanga system. Students begin their practice on the Primary Series, and many spend their entire life working on these postures. Some students will move on to later sequences, across many years of practice. 

Eric Yagoda Photography

Eric Yagoda Photography

In addition to practicing postures, students work to expand their concentration and consciousness by focusing on the breath, bandhas (energy locks in the body), and drishti (single-pointed gaze). Meditation can be incorporated into practioner’s daily practice as well. 

mysore ashtanga at bluebird sky yoga

The Mysore room is open during the following hours:

  • 8-10 AM Sundays

  • 6-9:30 AM Mondays-Thursdays (assists from 6:30-9)

  • 6-8:30 AM Fridays - Open room (no teacher assists)

  • 8:30-10 AM Fridays - Led Primary Series

  • No practice on Moon Days (full and new moon days)

Students are invited to start their practice at any time during the hours of operation when the teacher is assisting. Teacher Janet Walkoe will be present in the room to assist students with hands on assists and verbal direction. On Friday mornings, Janet will lead the group through the full Led Primary Series. 

We recommend students practice at least 3 days a week to reap full benefits of the practice.

Eric Yagoda Photography

Eric Yagoda Photography

New students

Mysore-style Ashtanga is a great option, whether you've been practicing for 1 day or 10 years. You are welcome to just show up for practice whenever you're ready to begin, Sunday through Thursday.  Should you have any questions prior to your first visit, you can email 

Bluebird Sky Yoga hosts regular Ashtanga movie nights and info sessions. Please check the workshops and events page on our website or MINDBODY page

Meet the Mysore Teaching Team

Mysore FAQ

Q: Do I need to know anything about yoga or have a self practice before I begin?

A: No. On your first day in the Mysore room, Janet will explain everything you need to know. She will show you a few poses. You'll repeat the poses a few times to memorize them. If you're ready for more poses, she will teach you a few more. No prior yoga experience necessary.

Q: What's the difference between Mysore and a regular class?

A: In most yoga classes, the teacher leads students through poses together. Everyone aims to move and breathe at the same time. In the Mysore room, students work with a teacher, but move through at their own pace and work on a sequence customized to them. Mysore-style Ashtanga is akin to taking a private lesson in a group setting. 

Q: Is the class 2.5 hours long?

A: No. Each practice is individual. Some students will practice for 30 minutes, while other students may practice for almost two hours. Students are invited to come begin their practice any time in the window that the Mysore room is open. That might be 6:30 AM, 8:15 AM, 9:02 AM, or any other time, as long as they are able to complete their practice by 9:30 AM. 

Q: Why would a student choose Mysore over another class style?

A: Some of the top cited reasons for practice Mysore are listed below:

  • Mysore gives you the opportunity to build a personal practice, which you can then practice at home or when you travel.

  • Every day you work on a set sequence. The familiarity of the postures can make the series a moving meditation and allows you to track personal growth over time.

  • Working with the same teacher every day allows you to build a strong relationship with your teacher, which in turn allows you to receive highly customized assists and modifications.

  • Because you're not setting up at a set class time, you have more flexibility to make it to class.


more info 


Ashtanga Yoga: Pratice and Philosophy by Gregor Maehle

Light on Yoga by B.K.S. Iyengar

Guruji by Guy Donahaye and Eddie Stern


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